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MST Aerospace GmbH | Thrust for innovations.

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Connecting ideas

The best of two worlds

Before space aerodynamics could be used to ensure that potato crisps landed in their bags quicker and more gently, a request from a leading worldwide manufacturer of packing machinery had to be accepted, evaluated and then the tenders from the relevant technology providers had to be brought together.


Technology transfer

In its function as the exclusive technology broker for ESA – the European Space Agency – the professional handling of tasks like this is one of the core competences of MST Aerospace.


Innovative consulting
In addition, the company provides technology evaluation and transfer consulting for industry, authorities and ministries. MST Aerospace develops tailor-made concepts for complex problems, in particular those in aeronautics and the space sector as well as other innovative high-tech branches.

Tendering service

As part of the tendering service, MST Aerospace organises and accompanies the client's entire process of assigning projects, from the preparation of offers to tender to the selection and charging of the applicant, through to project controlling and evaluation.


In order to fulfil these tasks, MST Aerospace has comprehensive technical knowledge coupled with decades of experience in handling complex problems as well as an extensive, interdisciplinary network of contacts in companies, associations and organisations throughout Europe.